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Entrepreneur’s Guide to Influencers

I am sure all us marketing folks have heard about the mystical creatures called “influencers”! Who are they? Where can we find them and how? In this article we will be dealing with all the questions we ourselves face when it comes to influencers. Here are a few.


iOS Design vs. Material Design

The two giants of mobile operating systems, Android and iOS, have come a long way from their initial clunky user interface designs and with every iteration things just seem to get better.
Apple call its interface design, Human Interface design while Google named theirs as Material Design. Though they might look a bit similar as time passes, there are still some pretty big differences between the two.


5 Ways to Keep Your Team Motivated

If you work in a startup or a multinational corporation, you know the key factor to your success is having a team that is in sync. Anyone and everyone needs a team they can rely on and trust while delegating work because no one can handle everything all by themselves. It is very important to keep your team motivated and together at all times. Here are 5 ways to keep them focused and driven.


Build Your Brand With Instagram

As the competition in various markets is increasing, companies are turning to newer social media platforms and quirkier ways for marketing. Mobile applications like Instagram that started off as a platform for young adults to post pictures and videos and share them with their friends is slowly being capitalized by business of all sorts. Every brand has to be on Instagram today.Here is how important Instagram is now days for businesses and how you can make the most of it:


5 of the Youngest Billionaires of 2015

Hard work and passion can take you places, age is just a number which doesn’t define you or your potential to succeed. Every year we see brilliant young minds creating history. Here are 5 young entrepreneurs who made it to the billion dollar list this year.

3-ps-of- entreprenuership + Rectangle 3 + 3Ps of Entreprenuers

The 3 P’s of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship as a profession teaches you a lot in general . It can be a very fruitful and an immensely satisfying journey but full of a lot of struggle. Here are the 3 P’s you need to find within yourself to make this journey easier and more rewarding.


8 Things Ultra Productive People Do Differently

Everyone has to try and fit their entire schedule in just 24 hours. You might think it’s impossible but it’s not. You don’t even need to work longer hours; all you have to do is work smarter. With the right approach you make anything happen right in time, here are some tricks that ultra productive people use to get their work done on time.