Entrepreneur’s Guide to Influencers


I am sure all us marketing folks have heard about the mystical creatures called “influencers”! Who are they? Where can we find them and how? In this article we will be dealing with all the questions we ourselves face when it comes to influencers. Here are a few:
1)  Who are influencers?who-are-influencers
Influencers are the outliers, the passionate one or two per cent that have hundreds of times more impact than the other 98%.
They are like superheroes, each individual has different powers and different circumstances need different superheroes. And if you find them, then what? Influencers, like the best superheroes, use their powers responsibly. They want to know you, to trust you and be sure you aren’t evil before they deploy their powers.

2)  What makes an influencer a content amplifier?
An influencer who amplifies content is not someone with a lot of followers. The size of the audience they have matters less than you think. What matters is that they respect your work, are passionate about what you write about.

3)  What kind of influencers should you look for and who you should avoid?insta-influencers
Let’s address the elephant in the room, not every influencer is popular on every platform. If Mr. X has a lot of engagement and a ridiculous number of followers on Twitter doesn’t mean he will be that popular on Pintrest or Instagram.
What matters more than the influencers shares is his domain authority. Never go after numbers, even if a person has over 3m followers, chances are his engagement with them is less than 10%. Now that won’t do you any good will it? Influencers with maximum number of reshares or retweets or likes are the ones who have a real impact on amplification.

4) Building relationships:
Lets face the other elephant in the room…boy its getting crowded!
Even if you succeed in finding the perfect superhero, no one is going to help you out unless you have an existing relationship with them. You need to understand the importance of being helpful, try to help influencers to achieve their objectives. This can include following them, sharing their content, helping them, and getting to meet them. Only after many months of building your relationship should you approach them to help you. The key is to be as helpful as you can.

These are just a few questions that we at Pipes have when it comes to dealing with influencers for marketing our content. If you have any more questions or contributions just drop a comment and we’ll dwell on it together!
Oh and we are going live soon so check us out at www.pipesapp.com! Stay tuned for more.

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