8 Things Ultra Productive People Do Differently


Everyone has to try and fit their entire schedule in just 24 hours. You might think it’s impossible but it’s not. You don’t even need to work longer hours; all you have to do is work smarter. With the right approach you make anything happen right in time, here are some tricks that ultra productive people use to get their work done on time:

1) Always be prepared:

Never reach office without being prepared for the day you have ahead of you. This practice helps accomplish two things; it helps you solidify what you accomplished today and prepares you for a productive day tomorrow. Preparing for tomorrow today will help you stay organized and clear in your head.

2) Stick to the agenda during meetings:

It is very important that you stick to a particular agenda during meetings, This helps you save a lot of time and makes sure you archive the purpose of the meeting.

3) “Eat Frogs”:

Eating frogs literally means finishing off the least appetizing thing off your list. how will this help you? Finishing off things that you don’t like doing right in the start rather than procrastinating will make sure you perform all your tasks properly and efficiently. This trick is used by the most productive people.

4) Don’t multitask:

Multitasking might sound like a very productive activity, but it is not in reality. While you try your best to juggle 2-3 tasks at the same time, it is pretty obvious that you cant give your 100% to everything. So instead of finishing everything off in a haphazard manner, take one task at a time and give it all you’ve got.

5) Use the power of “NO”:

Saying no to things that aren’t good for you is not wrong. Ultra productive people know the right time to say no to things they don’t have time for. This honors your previous commitments and gives you the time to finish them as well. Learn to use the power of no, it will reduce your stress levels and increase your productivity.

6) Delegate:

Learn to delegate work. You don’t have to handle everything on your own when you have people who are qualified and capable enough to help. Trust them and they won’t let you down.

7) Go off the grid:

Go off the grid when you need to. This is one of the only ways you can complete really important projects on time. give someone you trust a number to get in touch with you in case of emergencies, everyone who wants to contact you must go through that one person. This creates a filter and saves a lot of your precious time.

8) Stay organized:

A cluttered desk represents the person’s state of mind. Keep everything in your life organized and it will improve your productivity like never before. It will help you put high priority tasks ahead of everything else, meetings will be easier to schedule and you will be able to balance your personal life as well as professional with ease.

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