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As the competition in various markets is increasing, companies are turning to newer social media platforms and quirkier ways for marketing. Mobile applications like Instagram that started off as a platform for young adults to post pictures and videos and share them with their friends is slowly being capitalized by business of all sorts. Every brand has to be on Instagram today. Why? Because the consumers crave to visually share their stories, reactions and experiences. Content on insta is simply more shareable, easy to understand and far more universal than other types of content. In order to capture your target audience’s attention, you must be active on the platform and keep creating content that intrigues them but is also shareable. Here is how important Instagram is now days for businesses and how you can make the most of it:

1) Influencers are key:

The most powerful marketing comes from friends, family, people that follow you – we call these people influencers. To reach your target market you need to connect with these influencers but make sure you connect with the right ones. Once you build your base, each influencer ( if he/she is the right one) can reach upto 3,00,000 people from just one post. It’s not necessary than anyone with a lot of followers qualifies as an influencer, they need to be active and the accounts that follow them should be genuine and not fake.

2) Do your homework:
You need to be well prepared before you enter the field. Do your research; find out what your target market likes and what will catch their attention. Create a basic idea of how you are going to go ahead with the whole thing. Always remember, this is unchartered territory for all kinds of businesses, some will make the best of it and some will sink. There are no rules that guarantee your success on this social media platform.

3) Manage your feed:

The key is balance. You cannot keep posting business related images, keep mixing them up with fun related images to give a balanced and upbeat feel to your post. Posting mundane and boring work related pictures can also lead to loss of following in extreme cases, we don’t want that now do we? You also need to control the frequency of your posts. it is generally advised to not post more than once a day so that you don’t spam your followers’ news feed.

4) Follow your followers back:
This is a very important step in building a solid relationship with your followers. you can also find brands and other things related to what you do and follow the people following them.

5) Harness the power of technology:
It is very tough to keep up with a rigid posting schedule, especially when you have so many social media platforms to look after. You can always bank on various new apps in the market such as ScheduGram, Lattergramme and Instapult that help you schedule posts for a particular time in the future so that even if you forget, your post goes up and you are free to concentrate on other important things.

6) Hashtag your way to success:

Hashtags are a part of the social media world for a certain reason. You need to understand how the work and harness their power to make your posts go viral and reach the people who actually care and would be interested in what you do.

7) Optimize your profile:
The first thing instagrammers and potential followers see is your profile. You need optimize it to the fullest and make it interesting enough that just reading about your company makes them want to follow you. Do not use really long descriptions; you don’t want people to get bored. Be short, be crisp, and be informative but fun.

These were just a few tips and tricks to help you get started. Instagram poses a wide range of possibilities, don’t let the fact that it’s a fairly new platform limit your capabilities and possibilities!

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