Our Team

Vinay Anand
Bear in mind, he's not your stereotypical 'suit and tie' CEO. He's a visionary & a perfectionist, with a love for all things 'brilliant'. He loves to talk, has the energy levels of an atom bomb, and his dedication towards work is unparalleled & unquestionable. Not to forget, our CEO is also a Steve Jobs devotee. This lad, with his infectious optimism, is a true inspiration to us all at Pipes.
Siddharth Goliya
The older you are, the wiser you get' was probably written about our Director 'G'. Our number cracker, he works his way around figures like none other. A man who puts together logic & practicality, this 'G' never misses his 'spot'. On his day, he can enamour all with his ideas & can be quite the taskmaster when required. His quest for the constant high and unsatisfied personality pushes everyone at Pipes to do things they never imagined doing.
Tushar Cheulkar
Our development head may well be one of the most quiet people in the office, but this tech genius sure knows how to impress when it comes to programming. Found plugged with his headsets and an intense look more often than not, he is our head developer, and an adept one at that.
Natasha Agarwal
Operations In-Charge
A woman of intellect and boundless charm; working with her is all about stimulating conversations and tinkling laughter. She is extremely clear about what she wants, and is not shy of the hard work and effort required to do well in life. Her ability to be focused and fun at the same time, is what makes her the perfect woman for this job.
Preyansh Vora
Creative Head
Talk designs, and this 19-year old will produce magic. With an unbelievable calmness under pressure, he is known at the Pipes HQ for creating designs beyond one's imagination. With his best years ahead of him and already well versed with the latest technology has to offer, he is an irreplaceable asset to the Pipes team.
Rahul Tikiya
Marketing In-Charge
Levelheaded, down to earth & ever so hardworking, our Punjabi lad with a voracious appetite for work has instilled an 'Organised Culture' into Pipes. Always impersonating and up for a prank, his antics keep the mood light and us invigorated. Give him a task and you'll seldom find it incomplete. Truly, one of Pipes's most prized possession.
Siddhi Somani
Marketing Executive
Smart and hardworking, our Marketing Executive is a complete joy to work with. Her willingness and determination to work is what pulls her apart from the rest. Efficient and effective, this girl sure is a priceless asset for the Pipes team.
Nupur Abrol
Marketing Intern
Kind and honest by nature, our Marketing Intern goes outside her way to help her peers and instills the feeling of positivity in the camp. She delivers quality in each task, and is punctual in her responsibilities.
Mana Doshi
PR Intern
A bubbly character at the office, this young lady can surprise you with her enthusiasm for work. Traveling 4 hours a day for work, her combination of humour and energy keep the mood light at the office.
Drishti Kosambia
Jr. Graphic Designer
A science student back then, moved on to being a commercial artist after realizing that there wasn't much room for aesthetics in her farm. Her love for fresh, clean design coupled with some savvy digital know-how makes for ever-impressive results on any given platform. She is avidly fond of photography and her immense love for art makes her an irreplaceable asset of the Pipes' team. Drishti also has a colossal love for dogs.


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