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iOS Design vs. Material Design

The two giants of mobile operating systems, Android and iOS, have come a long way from their initial clunky user interface designs and with every iteration things just seem to get better.
Apple call its interface design, Human Interface design while Google named theirs as Material Design. Though they might look a bit similar as time passes, there are still some pretty big differences between the two.


8 Quick Design Tips

Design is no more something which is just associated with paper and Photoshop, but a broader term encompassing visuals, interactions and experiences regarding the product or service.
So here are 8 quick tips which should help create better designs:


9 Mistakes to Avoid when Designing an App

Design is not just limited to the way an app looks, but also the architecture and the all important user experience.So here are a set of 9 common mistakes to avoid while designing you app to create a superior experience and stay ahead of the competition.


Mobile Apps: Why Colours Matter

One of the most potent tools in a designer’s arsenal is colour. Colours are in fact so powerful that there comes a stage when a colour can be ubiquitous with a brand or a product like what red is to Coca Cola or yellow is to National Geographic. Colours can make or break the aesthetics of a well designed product, but did you know that apart from making things look good,