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How to Use Twitter for Business and Marketing

The first rule of marketing involves knowing your target audience and tailoring your strategy accordingly. Social Media Marketing is no different. More often than not, brands go wrong in the first step itself. So here are a few pointers that have helped me increase my brand’s presence on Twitter, hope they help you too:


Two Kinds of People at Work

People are diverse and complex creatures, but many differences between us can nonetheless be boiled down into a simple, binary distinction. No one’s saying that people are actually this simple, but it’s still fun to go down the list and see which camp you belong to. Or perhaps you don’t belong to either?


Mobile Apps: Why Colours Matter

One of the most potent tools in a designer’s arsenal is colour. Colours are in fact so powerful that there comes a stage when a colour can be ubiquitous with a brand or a product like what red is to Coca Cola or yellow is to National Geographic. Colours can make or break the aesthetics of a well designed product, but did you know that apart from making things look good,


How to Pitch a Reporter?

For months and months, we build, and one always wonder, the hardest step is to get the design right; and then the development. But, in reality, the job’s only half done without a good solid PR strategy.

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7 Mobile App Marketing Tips

There are over 1.2 Million apps on the App Store and over 30,000 apps are being added to the App Store on a daily basis. Getting discovered in such a highly cluttered space has become extremely difficult.