5 Sacrifices Every Entrepreneur Must Make

No matter how glamorous the life of an entrepreneur looks, there is always a dark side. This profession demands so many sacrifices without which you’ll never be able to give it your best. Everything in the end at its core is a give-and-take process. The more you invest, the more you will reap. Here are 5 sacrifices every entrepreneur will have to make eventually.


5 Inspirational Stories Of Entrepreneurs

The climb to the top is filled with obstacles and difficulties. Life will never hand you what you want on a silver platter. Every successful entrepreneur has struggled to get where they are in life right now. Here are 5 awe-inspiring stories of people who started from scratch and made it to the top.


5 Lessons Entrepreneurs can learn from Drake about Success

Started from the bottom now we’re here! Aubrey “Drake” Graham, a Canadian high school dropout arrived in the rap scene back in 2009 and has released two very successful albums and dozens chart toppers since then. Here are 5 lessons you can learn from a guy from the “hood” who made it big in the real world


5 Quotes by Steve Jobs That Will Truly Inspire You

Steve Jobs’ dream was to “Put a ding in the universe” and boy did he do that to the fullest! The man who gave us the iPhone just wanted to do what he loved and change the world while doing it. Here are some quotes by the man himself that will truly inspire you to go make your dreams come true.

Richard Branson

10 Successful Companies started by Dropout Entrepreneurs

We have all heard something like this more than once in our lives. The pressure of having a college degree in your hand is faced by everyone.
Let’s take a look at the education qualifications of the men who run 10 of the most successful companies in the world right now and see for ourselves:


7 Business Lessons by Frank Underwood

Love him or hate him, but you cannot ignore him. Frank Underwood, is a character brought to life by Kevin Spacey in the popular drama series, House of Cards. He can teach you a lot about handing a business, here take a look.


Silicon Valley & The American Spirit (Celebrating America Day)

Silicon Valley; we’ve all heard of it, we all know if it, and we all know it’s there but its border is something that still eludes us. Synonymous for Innovation, Invention, Creation & Success, it is unquantifiable what Silicon Valley brings to America & the World - Jobs, Hope, Dreams, Success, VCs, Cutting Edge Technology, & the American Dream.

BoardroomMeeting2 + Rectangle 15 + 5 Top questions

5 Top Questions VCs will ask Startups

Venture Capitalists play a fundamental role in making your startup evolve into a company. A significant part in this process is played by the money you would be acquiring through them. Hence they have a major role to play in your success. For each person, the experience of meeting VCs will be different, yet there is a general frame of questions that they all ask.


15 Motivational Quotes to Keep You Going

Times will get rough. They always do, nothing in life worth getting is going to be easy. Running a business is hard, starting one is even harder. Here are 10 quotes that you should add to your arsenal when the wind is not blowing in your direction.

tumblr_na06rsMKCT1tubinno1_1280 + Rectangle 4 + 5 Apps That Help

5 Apps To Improve Work Productivity

On the palm of your hands you have a device that could get you connected to any person on earth. You have the biggest library on anything and everything that has existed or would just a click away. Why not optimize this device to save your most valuable resource, time. Here are top 5 apps that help you save time.


The Best Time to Post on Social Media

As more and more people are hooking up to the drug of social media, it’s getting difficult for your content to get a good kick. We are producing more content than we can consume and if you want to stand out of the crowd, be ready to run the extra mile. Here we share a few tips and solutions, giving you the best timeframe to post on the most popular social media platforms.