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Richard Branson

10 Successful Companies started by Dropout Entrepreneurs

We have all heard something like this more than once in our lives. The pressure of having a college degree in your hand is faced by everyone.
Let’s take a look at the education qualifications of the men who run 10 of the most successful companies in the world right now and see for ourselves:


7 Business Lessons by Frank Underwood

Love him or hate him, but you cannot ignore him. Frank Underwood, is a character brought to life by Kevin Spacey in the popular drama series, House of Cards. He can teach you a lot about handing a business, here take a look.


Silicon Valley & The American Spirit (Celebrating America Day)

Silicon Valley; we’ve all heard of it, we all know if it, and we all know it’s there but its border is something that still eludes us. Synonymous for Innovation, Invention, Creation & Success, it is unquantifiable what Silicon Valley brings to America & the World - Jobs, Hope, Dreams, Success, VCs, Cutting Edge Technology, & the American Dream.

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5 Top Questions VCs will ask Startups

Venture Capitalists play a fundamental role in making your startup evolve into a company. A significant part in this process is played by the money you would be acquiring through them. Hence they have a major role to play in your success. For each person, the experience of meeting VCs will be different, yet there is a general frame of questions that they all ask.