5 Quotes by Steve Jobs That Will Truly Inspire You


Steve Jobs’ dream was to “Put a ding in the universe” and boy did he do that to the fullest! The man who gave us the iPhone just wanted to do what he loved and change the world while doing it. Here we are, living in a world where his hard work, passion and dream are still changing the technology we are so dependent on. Here are some quotes by the man himself that will truly inspire you to go make your dreams come true:

There is no definition for wonderful, if you think what you do is wonderful and it makes you happy, you are richer than any billionaire in this world.

Jobs was all about the details. It was either perfect or nothing. There are a billion people in the world, doing what you do. What makes you any different from them? Let the quality of your work do the talking and set you apart.

There is only a certain limit till you can make things happen for yourself. Just put in your best, sit back, breathe and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

These four words make the world go round. Never be satisfied with what you have and let the hunger for success and perfection drive you to achieve things people say can’t be achieved.

Knowing where your heart lies means you have won half of your battle. If you are   passionate about what you do, you are one of the lucky few. no one else is responsible for your happiness, be brave enough to go after what you love even if that means starting over.

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