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iOS Design vs. Material Design

The two giants of mobile operating systems, Android and iOS, have come a long way from their initial clunky user interface designs and with every iteration things just seem to get better.
Apple call its interface design, Human Interface design while Google named theirs as Material Design. Though they might look a bit similar as time passes, there are still some pretty big differences between the two.


5 of the best marketing and advertising campaigns

Everyone always says that a product is the most important aspect of the business you are running. Aren’t we forgetting something really important? It is necessary for a company to have a marketing plan that is as good as its product (if not better) if it wants to succeed. Here are a few legendary marketing campaigns that changed the face of brands.


WWDC 2015: What you could expect?

After a great 2014 which saw the coming of larger iPhones & Apple’s venture into Wearables with the Apple Watch, enthusiasts and shareholders will be looking keenly at what Cook & co. have in store at WWDC ’15.
Here is, what could be:


How Pipes helped you in March 2015!

Hello Pipers! As we move into a new month, lets look back at what March 2015 had in store for us, Apple Watch date was announced, and cricket bats were wielded. Here is how Pipes could help you get smarter in March 2015