Business Lessons You Can Learn From Steve Jobs


Jobs’ story is one full of struggle, drive, talent and lots of passion. There are many lessons we can learn from the man who changed the face of communication and technology. People talk about the road to success but they always forget to mention the failures that you come across and how you should never let them bring you down. Here are some lessons we can learn from Steve Jobs:

1) Passion is what fuels you:

You need to be passionate about what you are selling, be it an idea or a product. Why? Because your passion is what is going to drive you and will be linked to the purpose of the business. There is no point in starting anything if it doesn’t ignite a fire inside you.

2) Planning is key:

The first step to everything is planning. It doesn’t have to be a complicated concrete plan but should always have the most important element, the “purpose”- why am I doing this? What am I doing?

3) You don’t have to know everything:

There is no shame in not knowing something. You can always ask for help, it doesn’t make you a smaller person. Acquiring new skills helps you expand your horizons and become better at what you do, there is no flip side to accepting you don’t know everything. There is always someone else who can fill in the gaps in your skill set.

4) Don’t be afraid of failing:

“If you are afraid of failing, you will not get very far.”

It is okay to fail! People talk to proudly about the road to success but never mention how you get there. You get there by learning from what you did wrong. Don’t be afraid of your mistakes, learn from them, let your lessons help you grow and challenge you to think out of the box.

5) Cash flow is what makes it all go around:

Monetary funds aren’t just important to pay the bills the business incurs. Cash flow ensures you have enough to live off on and keeps the roof over your head tightly fixed right where it is.

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