7 Marketing Podcasts for Entrepreneurs


Most marketers and entrepreneurs don’t have the time to sit down and read as much as they would like to. Podcasts are a new and convenient way to learn and consume content while multi tasking. Just plug in your ear phones whenever you can and soak in the wisdom of successful entrepreneurs who know what they are talking about. Here is a list of 9 podcasts that you absolutely cannot miss:

1) I Love Marketing:
The people over at I Love Marketing have been at it since 15 years and sure do know a thing or two about internet marketing.
The hosts Dean Jackson and Joe Polish share tips on generating real traffic and converting it into paying customers. They talk about what makes things on the internet tick and the basic fundamentals of growth hacking basically.

2) Rocketship:

The hosts of Rocketship; Michael Sacca, Joelle Steiniger and Matt Goldman, interview an entrepreneur and discuss things like growth strategies and their stories about their successful startups, struggles and what they have learnt over the years.

3) The Growth Show:
The Growth Show is hosted by the CMO of Hubspot, Mike Volpe. Each week Mike sits with an entrepreneur or anyone who has achieved growth and covers all aspects of growth and their stories: growing an idea, a movement and a team. They start by talking about their business and then have a Q and A session about the elements that contributed to the growth if the business.

4) Six Pixels of Separation:

As the founder and president of Twist Image, Mitch Joel knows digital marketing. He is the guy who is approached by companies like Wal-Mart, P&G and even Google for digital marketing. Joel has been blogging since before it was called blogging. He usually talks about digital marketing and often has influential guests on board.

5) Mixergy:
With over 1,100 episodes this is one of the most direct sources of honest entrepreneurship advice on the internet. Andrew Warner discusses the most unique details and failures of any entrepreneur he interviews. They have a ton of great stories that will teach entrepreneurs how to build and grow their own business.

6) 500 Startups:
Real founders talking about real issues, this is as raw as it gets. This podcast includes interviews from various founders, including Twilio and 9Gag, designers, marketers and product leads from companies as diverse as Evernote.

7) Entrepreneur on Fire:

John Lee Duman releases a podcast with an interview with someone who has excelled in their niche every day where they discuss growth strategies. The thing that sets this podcast apart is the “lighting” round that he holds for every episode and he writes a post concluding the details and highlights after every interview.

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