Pipes News - Artificially intelligent News App (Now available on iOS)


News applications dominate the global technology app market, but most applications offer similar news services on varying interfaces.
We at Pipes took on a mission of developing a product that personalises news for each user. After months of testing the app through avid news readers, we are delighted to announce the launch of our first full version.

Instead of providing users with content they may or may not be interested in, Pipes algorithmically understands users’ consumption patterns & tailors news based on that.

For example, if you were reading something about ‘Tim Cook’, Pipes would recommend stories and interests around, ‘Apple Watch’, ‘iPhone’ or ‘Apple’ itself.

Pipes is deep into artificial intelligence and the product literally mimics how a human thinks. This happens without the user telling us that.

Personalising news is what the app’s core function is, but every other feature within the app makes personalisation happen. Before we explain each feature, here is a video that depicts the vision of the team at Pipes:


Summary: Pipes’ power packed Summary gives you 4 of the most important points of the article. Get only what’s relevant. Along with short form news, Pipes also offers long form content. And, the accuracy is over 95%.

News List: Pipes also comes with News List, where users can listen to their News as well. Simply select the articles you wish and stay up to date with your News even as you drive.

Push Notifications: Pipes lets you choose Notifications for topics you are really interested in. You could select to get notified about ‘Tim Cook’ or ‘Apple’,’Flipkart’ or anything you may find interesting. Notifications about news that matters to you.

Recommendation Engine: Pipes also comes with a Recommendation Engine that recommends interests, articles & other data that is curated just for you.

Interests: Apart from the 2 million topics that you could track; you could explore interests as broad as ‘Parenting’, ‘Astronomy’ or even something specific like ‘Apple’.

UI /UX: Pipes’ designs are some of the best we’ve ever built. We can personally assure you it’s one of the top designed News apps across the World and the best in India.
We are very excited to introduce the app on the entire iOS ecosystem, including the relatively new Apple Watch. We at Pipes have a soft corner for design, and the team has managed to pull off beautiful crisp screens that looked better with every stage of our move from beta to a full version.

Feedback is golden, and we would love to hear from you on just about anything. Share your views on [email protected].

Download Pipes here!



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