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Pipes News - Artificially intelligent News App (Now available on iOS)

News applications dominate the global technology app market, but most applications offer similar news services on varying interfaces.
We at Pipes took on a mission of developing a product that personalises news for each user. After months of testing the app through avid news readers, we are delighted to announce the launch of our first full version.


Mistake to Avoid As an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur means being your own boss, this brings with it numerous opportunities but also many pitfalls. There is no rule book for entrepreneurs to follow, some people see this as a positive thing where as some see it as a negative aspect. The sense of freedom that comes from being your own boss can lead to a few mistake, some of the most common ones that should be avoided are.


5 Truths Every Entrepreneur Faces Eventually

There are two types of people who decide to become entrepreneurs, some who join for the promise of wealth or power and others who are more interested in creating something of their own and watching it grow.
A few years into this profession, each and every entrepreneur will face these 5 truths at some point and learn from them.


What it Takes to Become a Good Social Media Analyst

The recent rise in the importance and popularity of social media has opened up a lot of new avenues and opportunities like creatives, social media handlers and social media analysts.There are certain skills one must master to become a good social media analyst available in the market. Here are a few.


Business Lessons You Can Learn from The Godfather

There are far too many things for entrepreneurs to learn from The Godfather. Whether you’re the head of the Corleone crime family or leading a project team, entrepreneurs and mobsters have a lot in common. Don Vito Corleone may not have used Excel and Microsoft Project, but he knew a lot about delivering projects and getting results. Here are a few indispensible business lessons that an entreprenuer must learn from The Godfather.