5 Truths Every Entrepreneur Faces Eventually


There are two types of people who decide to become entrepreneurs, some who join for the promise of wealth or power and others who are more interested in creating something of their own and watching it grow.
A few years into this profession, each and every entrepreneur will face these 5 truths at some point and learn from them:

1) You cannot control everything:
Being an entrepreneur means you are the boss of you, you make all the decisions. However, you can control things only up to a certain limit. The rest is the product of random chance or factors beyond your control. How you react to those unforeseen developments will dictate your eventual success.

2) Mistakes aren’t a big deal:

Starting off as an entrepreneur, ever one is mortified by the thought of making mistakes. But as you gain more experience and see how this really works, you realize that mistakes aren’t that big a deal. Instead they are learning opportunities that will help you become better at what you do.

3) Work-life balance is a myth:
The line between work and life for an entrepreneur is very very blurry. Your business will become a major and integral part of your life. You will always be worried about deadlines and meetings with clients, even when you’re not at work. But as long as you do something you love it won’t feel like work anymore, it becomes a part of you.

4) You are not the best at everything:
You might be the boss, but you are only human. You cannot know or be the best at everything. It is always a good idea to find people who fill out the gaps in your skill set and are experts at what they do. This will help you be efficient and good at what you know, and will also get the job done.

5) Data won’t help you across the finish line:

When you start working, you will want to base all your decisions on logic, facts and figures. You will slowly realize that it doesn’t always work that way. Data will only take you so far. You will have to start using you instincts, the experience you have gained and learn to take leaps of faith in your own judgment.

These were a few truths we have faces in the last couple of years. If you have something to add do comment below and let us know!

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