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Pipes lets you track what you care about. Add a Pipe about things you love. Follow Kim Kardashian, Apple, Rory Mcilroy, Justin Timberlake or anything that interests you.

Tune in alerts & Pipes will do the rest for you.

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We love personalisation. With our aim of making news intimate; customisation comes as an extension. Track what you love, choose alerts on Pipes you want to be notified on and set its frequency too.
Pipes 2.0 ships with Pipeline. Simply add a list of Pipes, and Pipeline will give you a feed like view thus giving you a Birdseye on the Pipes you love. Oh & hey, did you stop by to say Hello to AniPipes?
What's Hot?
We are also introducing What's Hot. Follow local and global trends by just tapping into What's Hot. See why a Pipe is making news and get tracking.
News By Photos
Photos are great. Photos make for great Pipes. Browse your Pipes now with the all new photos feature.

Read through incredibly relevant images and get your news faster than you ever did.

Pipes 2.0 also comes with an improved summary. So you could read your article in snippets or you could tap into the full article.
We've made Twitter & Wikipedia extremely convenient to use with 2.0. No more do you need to navigate through different views, simply scroll to read.
Some of the nicer things said about us :)
Demo the Apple Watch in your browser like how 800,000 users did
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